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Some believe that poetry is kin to the sad song of the lover's plight
The tearful eye's of Mother Day finds comfort in the arms of Father Night
Year's, centuries, of endless eons, laced in the brilliance of the stars
Love stands close and far and leaves the moon to its scars
Heights of hope and peace rest in the waters that quench the soil
Love of life will bless the toil
Fill your glass, yes, drink of time and space
Earthly footprints will leave their trace
Charity brings a certain clarity when waves of wonders bows to grace
Kin of mystifying arts will touch the value of the heart
Wipe your misty eyes once more and sail to Elysium's shores
Fields call you near, to witness the beauty clear
(The beauty the human soul
Will meet its ultimate goal)

©Allseasonserse May 26th, 2019
All Rights Reserved


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