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Time of Awakening

Once more the silence falls,
Cold day walk in the fields,
Crystal clear air, winter sun,
Families feeding geese by the lake;
I meant to do some writing
And study the deepest thoughts,
But find the warmth of my home
Overpowering and comforting.
No need to do anything but rest!

So much I need to do,
Yet poetry and music is squeezed out
By the uncompromising presence of trivia,
Easy on the mind banal images,
Fill the mind with so much junk,
Making the brain laugh out loud,
But the soul cry out in its prison cell!

Alone now in the sane room,
Books in rows all around me,
Papers and clothes scattered everywhere:
But a chaos to the senses
Is surely a cosmos to the reason
And in the warming womb
The seeds of intuition spring to life.

Then there is a time of awakening,
Moments of quiet reflection are jewels,
They stir the soul and free the mind;
Surrounded by the healing touch of meditation
The words of great souls become doorways
Leading into the clear space of infinity.

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Time of Awakening