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By Stella C Mitchell

May 2019.


You gave me a glimpse of Heaven - where one 
Day I will be - walking in the Glory - of Your  Holy 
Majesty - clothed in robes of purest white - washed by
The blood of the Lamb - never to  be forsaken -  or cast
Away again - but adopted and beloved - and given a
Brand new name - accepted in Your family - and
Your Forever Home . 

Yes - in Your Forever Home - I will sing with 
The choirs of Heaven - in adoration of Your name -
And - with You - my Precious Saviour - life -  as I remember
It - will never be the same - as the years on earth will be passed
Forever - from my memory  - with their sinfulness and shame -
And this new life that You offer me - will be filled with
Love - and overflowing joy - now that I 
Am Born-Again .

Yes - now that I am Born-Again - I am victorious 
And free - knowing that my Creator God - has loved 
And rescued me - to live in His promised - abundant Life -
In full security - with no more struggles or earthly woes - to
Oppress or torment me - for - I know -  in the depths of my heart -
Only love - and Everlasting Joy -  will my portion forever be -  
Because I am my Saviour's treasured Bride - now 
And Eternally . 

Yes Eternally - I'll walk with Jesus - and loved ones 
Gone before - and these days on earth will be cast away - 
To be recalled no more - and the tears of the past will be dried 
And gone - in those Glorious Realms above - and for All who trust in the
LORD of Life -  we will each know - His wonderful Grace and
Compassion - as we bathe in our Saviour's undying
Mercy and Love .

So - for all my dear friends and loved ones - still
Trapped on these earthly shores - 

My prayer for you - is that - you seek God's forgiving 
Mercy and grace - before your life in this world is 
O'er .

Just do it or you could lose everything ....... Because.......


Dear friends ....... Heaven is wonderfully real for all

who put their trust in the Saviour of the world ........

               <<<<<< JESUS >>>>

But - Hell is also real my Friends ..... and it too is for 

Eternity ...... So ...... Make the right choice here and 

now ....... before it is too late .

With love from
Stella x


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