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The moon rose bright and sparkling clear
Illuminating a scene of horror and fear.
A great red wolf lifted it's muzzle and howled,
As the encircling wolf pack snarled and growled.

Red wolf was their leader, a true alpha male
Respected among the pack, his hunts without fail.
Tonight the prey was their most hated of foes
Their hatred and hunger bubbles and grows.

Man with his traps and his traitorous yapping hounds;
Their flesh torn asunder, blood would cover the ground.
On this strange night of twisted agony and hate;
The pack would have vengeance from the unseen hand of fate.

No simple lycanthrope was Red Wolf, no human with wolvish eyes;
An alpha wolf was he, who could assume cursed human guise.
Cunning and ruthless, wolweres were children of the moon;
Only the rarest of alphas received this great boon.

A chance to hunt and betray mankind, as he had done to them;
A crimson wave of slaughter, to even a balance grim.
Red haired man now crouched where once a great wolf stood;
The hunt began and man the prey, deep in the winter wood.

It was a cloudless bitter cold darkling night,
The moon smiled in benediction lending its light.
A hunting party of humans, with their hounds and fire;
Camping in the winter wood, their fate would be dire.

Red wolf would approach and lull their suspicious mind;
Perhaps lure a couple away from the others of their kind.
A moment alone, then sharp fangs would flash in moonlight;
Warm blood would spill as the pack closed in to rend and bite.

So when next you see a bright full moon that sets your heart aglow
Beware the wolwere, lest your own warm rich blood will flow.

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