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Battle Cry

The moon escapes its daylight prison
Smiling down on shield maiden's despair
An ancient mist engulfs the air
The eyes of night glance in care

Another battlefield stained in blood
The twisted souls lay weeping in the mud
The flesh is fading away in the darkness of the day
Broken shields, severed swords, in deaths' display

A battle cry fills her head, grief, and void of the honored dead
Thirst and hunger takes leave, and horrors begin to heave
Generals and Kings fight the warrior's sting
A field of hellbent rage stains histories' lasting Page

Echoing battle does bring sorrow to her mournful eyes
She holds her true love's sword in memory of his brave stand
A blade now cold in her hand her broken heart will never understand.

The reflection of the battle Cry where young and old must die...

©Allseasonsverse June 3rd, 2019
All Rights Reserved

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Battle Cry