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Forest Nights

The last whispers of the day fade away
Charcoal light brings the playful night
Fireflies and starlit skies meet the eye
Old man Oak perched the owl while brother coyote howls

A distant hill where forest thrives many creatures strive
The roots and foliage stand proud when night cries loud
Deep, dark forest stands still beyond the rolling hill
Nature walks day and night in shade or light

If by chance you catch a glance of forest moonlit fright
Know that predatory skills prospers in the night
Staying close to home while woodland creatures roam
Midnight features will soon atone

Walk free but safe and know the voice of danger
The mystery will pass but will return, stronger and perhaps stranger
At the campfire ring pay heed to midnight's sting
The forest can be a fretful thing...

©Allseasonsverse June 4th, 2019
All Rights Reserved

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Forest Nights