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Pen Me My Honesty

Pen me my honesty through the burning flames,
Beautiful words come from destruction
but mankind can't be tamed.
The high the low,
It comes and goes.
I refill and drain my soul.
It's impossible to get rid of mankind's stains.
Pen me my honesty through the teaching pain,
Such as it is beauty's laws can't be maintained.
Who's going to take the frost out the cold?
All heart should scream
when we intentionally stomp on the struggling rose.
Left bruised desolate unclaimed.
Beauty nourish us all in vain I suppose.
The reaction to sorrow cries are too slow.
Why is darkness and light
painted in the same picture frame? Who knows.
We stare intensely upon the ground
when dejected seeds refuse to grow.
The end of tragedy is to end tragedy
but all eyes are not the same.
There are those who know not
and those who know.
It seems we learn
the hardest lessons when it rains.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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Pen Me My Honesty