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["Dig My Own Grave" is a series of writings in a reflection of mental preparation...
~~~Each scoop of dirt rids the mess where I'm to be finally laid to rest~~~]

Cleanliness is next to "Godliness"_ or so I have heard.
Sounds good to me_ no debate, or need for another word.

I'm pulling the skeletons out from under my bed...
shining light on old phobias way back in my head.

Crushing picked bones I've had to bear....
dust to dust_ sweep em out into the air.

Brought a good shovel cuz I'm diggin my own grave.
Getting my mind right to become well behaved.

So if you want it done right_ ya gotta do it yourself...
put sleeves up, pedal to the metal, and pride_ top shelf.

Don't know your thoughts about it or your true belief...
to know it was done by my hand is the highest relief.

Every day that we live, we become closer to death...
Each thought and action may be our last breath.

As long as we live we must stumble, toil, and slave....
The best thing I'll be doing is digging my own grave.

Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

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`Dig My Own Grave`