Tattoos in Mayberry

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We don't comment.
Silence is golden
Best to pray about it.
Then, hold one's tongue
Just send love.
Let God sort things out.
Into my 6th decade
they finally give me their serenity memo.

Still,I try getting in a good punch
to the belly of power
when I can
Quite aware of the giant
I'm up against.
 The power has
the wind at their backs
and control of the money 
the power has mass
and their mass is heavy.
Power to push you into position
on their snow peaked avalanche.
They have the power of property
legal power,, physical and sexual power.
The power has army's of recruits,
mercenary soldiers
bought and paid for 
Trading with blood
and gambling with our souls.
The power must win
So they  .
Buy off the politicians and  appoint corrupt  judges
and threaten our best storytelling journalists too.
to inflate the truth, and spread
false information
The power gets the glory
and glory makes breaking news.
With the flash bang
of valor
Our ticket's are pulled
while their ticket gets punched..
Your two front row seats
have been sold to a much higher bidder
I say,
let them call us perps,  vandals
complainers, whiners, and thieves.
Say we're unpatriotic.
Belittle and berating us old dogs
who can't be new tricked.
We know what freedom 
bravery and honor looks like.
It doesn't look like poisoned ground water,
 chemical and petrolium  spills,
black smoke, or chem-trails. .
liberty doesn't blanket  carbon monoxide poison on us.
Or spitting out oceans of crude.
Before you explorers finish your mega ton race
to traverse and exploit deep outer space
I hope you never get  too far off planet earth
A  precious rock, not to be further abused, used up 
and destroyed. 

Buddy Bee Anthony

all rights as is reserved as is by author



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