Tattoos in Mayberry

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Sweet and Petite
she's a spicy hot treat
who thinks I'm quite neat
she's my toddler.
She gets what she wants
or whines about what
I haven't done for her lately.
I've assured her time and again
she's what I adore
Into my eyes she stares deeply and
I get crazed even more.
I'm done for,  hooked
on her baby blues.
She's my front page
my back page
and breaking news.
She's a liar
a terror and
a four alarm fire.
But, wherever she brings me
Takes me higher and higher.
She has helped me to remember
to cover my bets
Ever since I discovered
she's been shredding my nets.
She's my burden
my bane.
She's my best friend
and she's criminally insane.
But, my toddler stinks all baby sweet.
Have I already mentioned
she thinks I am neat
I love watching her paint her fingers and feet.
She's deep in my head
This petulent woman/child who butters my bread.
While spinning this world upside down
and around
as she walks off with yours,
mine and what's left of the town.
Still, I'm addicted to the tenderest lies.
of this precocious, most savory
half baked pie.
I can't help myself, I adore
what my mother and father would surely abhor.
I've got it bad for her
It's a horror, unreal.
When her terrible twos
fall asleep at my wheel.
She's irresistible
whether she's acting cool or demure.
It keeps me from
looking too hard for the cure.
She's a one of a kind
the last thing in The Universe
I expected to find.
Sometimes, I've felt I'm falling into
a bottomless cravasse
when making the critical error of upsetting
this lass.
Don't do as I do,
or you too
will be screwed,
and fighting for air
that won't come too soon
in her palace of doom
on the burnt chocolate side
of a toddler's moon.

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