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Humble Happiness And Pity Pain

Humble happiness and pity pain,
Somber souls pour down constantly
in the hard rain.
Desperation and patience are in a constant battle
because they are not the same.
We power washed our rags
but there's still a stain.
The strength in our ability started strong
but it's beginning to wane.
We look toward the skies
but we are the ones to blame.
O Beauty where are you?
I need thee.
She said I'm all around you you just can't see.
She said I'm in the humble happiness and pity pain.
Desperation and patience,
And the rags with the unforgettable stains.
But your eyes can't see me
because your eyes haven't been trained.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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Humble Happiness And Pity Pain