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Storm winds

An electric lance transfixes the night;
For a brief moment dazzling my sight.
I feel dampness in the evening air;
As night winds whisper of vistas fair.

How I long to ride the storm wind;
From early morn till evenings end.
Exciting and invigorating it calls to me;
Beckoning me to places I will never see.

Hear the thunder boom, the fury it contains;
Softening with distance, while here I remain.
Seperated from my essence, my inner self;
Sheared from the forest like an exiled elf.

In vain I glance heavenward, as clouds drift away;
Wishing I could somehow make them pause or even stay.
Perhaps one day when my spirit is loosed from mortal clay
I can truly ride the storm winds in night or brightest day.

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Storm winds