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"Kisses"  PG 13

~ kisses, kisses, kisses... endless kisses ~

Sensuous kisses are those many sweet and kind thoughts of you that I have very oft.
Intrigued Kisses are my eyes, at first glance of you, shining ever so gentle and soft.
Sexy kisses are all the long lost feelings that awaken whenever you come near.
Exquisite kisses are the elegant tones of my voice that only your ears will hear.
Sensational kisses are our wonderful times together without putting on airs.
Butterfly kisses are flying around my stomach each time we share our care.
Intimate kisses are the common qualities shared in the life we're living.
Endless kisses are eternally my pleasures when it's to you I'm giving.

~ Kisses_, kisses_, kisses_... endless kisses ~ love and kisses,
hugs and kisses, Miss you kisses, ticklish kisses, hey hello
kisses, love blow kisses, Get well kisses, can't you tell
kisses, welcome home kisses, I'm going alone kisses,
long lost kisses, Oh, you found how much this cost
kisses, pouty kisses, howdy kisses, peck kisses,
neck kisses, what the heck kisses, first & last
kisses, it's in the past kisses, cheap cheeky
kisses, glad to meet kisses, Eskimo kisses,
air kisses, I don't care kisses, vampire
kisses, on the chin kisses, OK you win
kisses, forehead kisses, open mouth
kisses, bad breath kisses, kiss of
death kisses, wet sloppy kisses,
I forgot kisses, french tongue
kisses, lip kisses, sweet sip
kisses, tasty kisses, hasty
kisses, baby toes kisses,
on the nose kisses, hand
kisses, earlobe kisses,
lick and bite kisses,
goodnight kisses,
cheerful kisses,
tearful kisses,
happy kisses,
sad kisses,
I like you

~ kisses, kisses, kisses... endless kisses ~

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`Kisses` PG 13