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King Tiger-Wings
Tiger- wings was a King within the forest
He loved his Queen with all his heart
Lady Dove was his one and only love
Years of peace filled their forest stead
Her cooing sighs were the song that filled his head
One day the monsoons rage in
Lady Dove fell from high
Her wings were broken she could not fly
The danger of coiled serpents surround Queen dove
Her cries for help summoned Tiger -Wings her true love
He snatched his Queen from the coils of death
Soon his Queen exhaled labored breath
Back to their royal nest
Her hatchling came forth in dawns purest light
The same light healed his Mothers broken wings
Deep in the forest King Tiger -Wings finds solace
his wings stay strong with his families loving song
Somewhere between a roar and the rhythmic coos
The new hatchling becomes a prince, the first tiger dove
With a kind and royal unity he soars above
A young Prince, flourishing from primal love

©Allseasonsverse June, 14th, 2019


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King Tiger-wings