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Silver Vase Essence

There was a mist that silently drifts, high and low across the bog.
Looking closely I saw a face an Ancient King that haunts this place
His noble steed no longer feeds, his Queen wore chains for her flesh day greed
Somehow, this mist traveled like a cloud and silence spoke out loud
In a voice of pain and sorrow, the mist spoke of a dark
Hideous and forsaken, the voice within this vapor was clearly shaken
I asked what I could do to bring the broken past to repair, 
The mist replied"Centuries are fleeting moments in death's chill
and compound with a loss of will
"Take my ghost to hallowed ground and bless my essence with forgiving sounds"
So the vapor spirit was placed in a silver vase, and the mist and I left that foreboding place
Now the vase was placed within the holy ground, and angels gathered round, and lift the ancient mist high
To touch the midnight sky
Free and blessed, the disembodied mist lifts to the light on high
The Ancient King now joins his ancestors in the Castle in the by and by

©Allseasonsverse 2019 June

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Silver Vase Essence