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Predator's Mindset (understanding a predator's mind)

Everybody's a provider
in the eyes of a real rider.
I been a predator in this pond
since the day I was born,
I'm a stealthy alligator
with the heart of Dark Vader.
Diving down deep rise up and peep,
Catch 'em slipping when I strive.
Come up quick and take'em while they're still alive.
Power and pride, my main motivator.
Come in real quiet,
Switch gears drink up fears,
Finished in five,
I wasn't born a sheep.
No second guessing when it's time to eat.
I'm a deadly terminator
with stealth and poise in the still noise,
A man among boys, gotta swim the world's course
If I want to survive
because pity or promises won't provide
for a true abider.

There are millions of young people and even older people that think this way. A person can only see his or herself for who they think they are. We must explore more of the reason why than the effect.

Copyrights 2013
Robert Anthony James

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Predator`s Mindset (understanding a predator`s mind)