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You gotta use wise eyes
in the brain game,
Busters and snitches trying to
kill a hustler’s game name.
Friends or foe,
They’re all the same.
Gotta feed the seed
till a flower springs.
Know a passionate professor
but he's not street trained.
Know a hustling pro in need,
willing to accept the stain on the frame
to feed her seeds,
The world’s full of actors and detractors.
No matter what these busters claim.
Move and swivel
before a hater takes aim.
Protect your back from the counterfeit hacks.
Skilled snakes, these ‘itches
know how to act.
Out come the tears from the kit, Academy Awards.
Fred Sanford heart attack.
Yeah, you with the ‘hit
Always talking about real talk.
Ok real walk too,
At least once
everybody’s been bit.
Deal with the chew.
Problems trying to birth big bro Cain,
But don't break down, cop a brain clue.
Fire burns the diamonds
until the diamonds are true.
Weak brothers,
Paid for everything...
I thought you knew,
You been love jacked boo.
If there's not a real connection,
Then there's no glue.
Shake a dollar and watch what they do.
Everybody’s trying to survive
the smooth snake with the mean vibe.
The struggle knows to hide
because the struggle been on that ride.
Small voices using small choices
and background noises in the dark. 
Another bouncing bunny just loved
and left him in the park. 
Lazy losers struggle the hardest 
because they need a spark. 
These pocket pigeons need to develop a heart. 

Copyright 2016
Robert Anthony James

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