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Nefarious Love

I tried to capture love
but she was too strong.
She pinned me to the ground
and made me pour out
my heart to her in a passionate song.
For awhile I didn't hear from her,
I thought she was gone.
Then I got a nudge.
I don't know what she got me on.
Heaven above she's not a dove wait-
Maybe I'm wrong.
But she won't give me back my crown,
She got me up and down.
Why has she taken ahold of my fate?
Is this a dream from which I can't awake.
Mercy for goodness sake!
She's always in my home.
I got a sweet and sour frown.
Her beautiful eyes draw out my cries.
I was warned not to touch the snake.
She's extra smooth with her lies,
Always and forever, throughout eternity,
Then my heart she again break.
I'm a man of steel with weak tin.
Every now and then
I try to out run the wind.
But there she is waiting
around the bend for me.
I cursed and said,
how could this damn Ďhit be?
Then she said, your eyes are my eyes,
Whatever you see I see.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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Nefarious Love