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Nefarious Love 2

I said beautiful baby
will you be with me forever and always.
She said yes until your days end.
Then she disappeared toward the seas
like the wind and reappeared again.
She said loneliness is the loneliest of tears.
She said I'll be your security blanket
down through the years.
Then she treated me as if I was sin.
Beauty was her name
I begged to the heavens
until she once again came.
But she left again through my tears.
She been doing this for years.
She tear me down
then put me back together again.
Cruelty has no mercy for the weak
or a caring heart to be a friend.
She's playing with my fears.
I looked deep into her eyes,
I saw the fires and forked tongue
slowly dancing towards me.
I been writing and rewriting
these beautiful and evil songs,
But they didn't set me free.
I couldn't match her fee or pay her bill.
So she gobbled up my heart and took my will.
I looked out across the unforgettable land,
I reached out to her
But she wouldn't hold my hand.
She was the cruelest of cruel for cruelty's sake.
I looked up and saw her
and where she reigned.
It was a snake.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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Nefarious Love 2