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The Apology

I was mesmerized when you kissed me baby,
I was in a angry downer song
when I bit you baby,
I've gotten better and now I'm strong
but I miss you baby,
I'm in this empty den.
You painted my skies you painted my eyes.
Dreams, fantasies within fantasies,
Enclosed in a circled beam with you baby.
Now you've lit fires, fires and burning steam,
burning down the dreams,
Burning down a house we were making a home,
Pure sin.
Why would you do that baby?
Now you got me free floating
down this endless stream with my pen.
Tomorrow skies will be better
It promised to play our song,
I hope you see me in it baby.
If not dark clouds will form again
in this empty den baby.
How could this world turn
without you and me baby.
I've lost my pearl, it burns.
I can't see anything beautiful
without you anymore baby.

Copyrights 2019
Robert Anthony James

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The Apology