Tattoos in Mayberry

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Byatch better have my wake up.
Because my lips are chattering
my gut's doin flip flops
and I've got it bad with the
hippy shakes
here off the serving line 
  at the daily grind
 on skiddly pow row 
adjacent to 
the  broken
I can't find my dog. 
What kind of who hoe 
would gank my dog
just get up with him and blow.
Holy jumpin jeepers,
there sure are alot of tweakers.
I'm jonesin hard,
from this nightmarish parade
 byatch better have my wake up.
Has anyone seen my dog
If you've seen him,
bring him back to his daddy.
Who could take off
so casually with my furry
blood brother.,
he's the face I wake up to
and the only one there
when I fall out.
They must have fed  him leftovers
when I fell asleep.
He's so loved and lovable 
that  when they smiled at him
he may have squeaked 
he's neglected 
and needed exodus from
a dirty kid like me.
They couldn't know
we're both at home..
right here.
Do they simply not care
Or are they unaware how
We're best friends.
 I protect him 
and he protects me.
each of us
have been out there
here and everywhere
and I must find him
 as he must find me.
So has anyone seen my dog?
Jeepers creepers
there sure are alot of tweakers.
slinking around for acquisitions
they don't need.
 creeping off with my dog,
my most faithful companion 
like he was  some cheap magazine.
using the cover of night,
now it's blue morning
My eyes burn from the shock
of sunlight 
I'm hanging on
shaken, and tattered, 
strung loosely together, 
 and battered
my dog comes back home.
I'm freakin', tweakin'
so byatch
better have my wake up.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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