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Our Changing Times


Reminiscing from another time when
life constantly renewed freshness upon
each other with love and kindness.

Times of truth was not a thought; was
part of the heart showing love, putting
a smile upon your face was really not
a glued pretense of a happy heart.

Intentions have multiplied three times
lower than the vibrations we are going
through today.

No control, no compassion, no way to
combine love, no true intentions
connected to life's realities.

We live, we must! only knowing our
own self, reason why we are born to
grow, to be kind to those who
are burdened down with fears
and doubts.

We must grow our garden with love
knowing that what we do in honor for
those who lack understanding, will never
realistically know the power they carry.

Growing in spirit will unravel confusion
connecting our power double fold, if we
have faith, anything can happen if we
only believe.

(Faith in believing will change us all for
the good)


By DerenaBree

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)



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Our Changing Times



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