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Lift away Woe and Scorn

Shepherds tend their flocks a time when night skies were the clocks
Into a midnight sky, a Holy Eastern star shimmers far
Kings traveling by light found a blessed child that night
Mother Mary brought forth a babe of love into a world of sin
A birth to bring the stain to an end love glows bright, that holy night
For peace, in hours of sweet release, the song of angels softly beseech,
bringing salvation within humanities reach
So on the night when silent piety appears we burn a candle
We remember the solace of mankind tears and honors we must handle,
In triumph and scandal We heal the wounds with the direction of the divine
A guiding light that swaddled near, Kings and Shepherds sights
Soft fireplace of rule, a memory of a gift where love is born, love and 
forgiveness will always rule, he lifts away our woe and scorn,
King of Kings born long ago sets our world aglow
(Any time of year, his love is clear)

©Allseasonseverse 2019

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Lift Away Woe and Scorn