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Song of the Muse

Those blue eyes like endless sky
Light up your angel face
And the beauty of your smile
Shines always in my heart
Time has brought us together
A link we cannot break;
Your garden is in full bloom
Now the summer of your life is passing:
You are adorned with such treasures
That enrich every part of you
More than physical wealth ever could.
Sunlight enhances your loveliness
Or is it you that lends it your grace?
You are inviolate in the worlds sight
Beyond the reach of my love
But your soft siren voice
Leads me along the path to your door
Where dreams will find their fruition
Beyond the limitations we create.
Our hearts will beat as one
In the silence of our unspoken desires.
Lifetimes of yearning for my muse
Have ended in the bliss of knowing you
Seeing you change from girl to woman
Closer than words can tell
Lost in a mystery only we will ever know.

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Song of the Muse