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"Return to Excellence (An Eulogy)"

~names allured ere call of wind _conferred again to Alls' begin~
~meandering souls ebb tides of sea _ so shall marrows forever be~

We hark unto ye trumpets, O elephants_ tis proclaimed magnificence_
As Ye Bellow of Life's passing in “Heavenly Eloquence”

~Here lies a tribute of essential remembrance_
A wading monument of Life on earth brief residence.
Here silences the war of self_ O ye grateful benevolence_
Desisted “malum in se” per ye astute calm resonance~

Though as humbling our earthly abode behest us, our ethereal statue is of the greater
value _and that of supreme prominence_
It is in this light we ask that thy soul be judge not harshly but with the utmost care and
We extend our forgiveness to all thy follies made towards man and beast alike _
so they may bare weight of little consequence_
We Pray that of all the works of thine hands _ only the best of them deems to be that
of the highest significance_
We ask that the power of all that is glorious and good be used in determining the
final resting place of thy eternal unending existence.
For as a well-loved _ and beloved devoted friend, family, mortal and being, we pray thy
deeds built thee a worthy heavenly edifice.

As we lay in mourn with thee _ let our outstretched hands hold as clear
unwavering evidence_
Of our bond to rise above the shadows of darkness and fear _ and to shine brightly
in unified elegance_
May thy grace and glory hold a candle to those who have traveled before thee _
So Ye may live on amongst them In humble respect and love _ with dignified endurance_
Yea though, we shall not ever hear thy voice or see thy smiling face _ Thy life is
forever ours _ In memory of thy happiness, thy sorrows, thy absence and in thy ever presence_
There shall be no other like unto thee_ For Thy virtue is beheld by Thine own instinctive essence.
So blame us not for our reluctance to give way to thy fate _ we beg pardon of our momentary hesitance.

Standing together here today _ we stand not in question of our sad un-willful grievances.
For the bittersweet memory of thy “Life and Loves” flashes before our eyes in momentary instances.
We know not how the movement of each passing moment will shake us _ so take not those who sit
in silence as malevolent indifferences_
Forgive us_ at a time of such great lost _ there are those held silently _
as souls suspended in quiet innocence_
Yet, Within each silent heart and turbulent mind _ as secret as they may be _
lies the most endearing words of true relevance.

We give unto Thee of our devotion sealed with and by Love's influence
To take with Thee _ to journey onward _ in everlasting Perseverance
Let not our weeps and wails turn thee back a glance for proud is our stance
As We share in this moment of Honor_ in your return to Excellence.

We yield thy way, for our wants and needs are of no importance_
Our earthly dreams and goals no longer offer thee thy sustenance.

~Thy names' been called_ Thy breath's the wind _~Thy soul tarries not of mice and men
Thy meandering soul ebbs tides of sea_ on rivers edge we now search for thee.

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`Return to Excellence (An Eulogy)`