From Heart to Heart

My Step Son

No one knows how long they might live,
Some things are better said than not,
Though I'm not I feel like your father,
These experiences are my to share,
Though bitter they may sound,
They might save you heartache,
With age comes wisdom they say,
I wasn't mature enough to be a father,
I am accountable for my mistakes,  
I hope one day you might forgive me,           
Common goals will pull togeather,
Use both negative and  positive to grow,
This held you grow in faith and wisdom,
Don't bear grudges towards people,
No one is responsibile to treat you well,
Treasure people who are good to you,
Be cautious though, everyone has a motive,
But when some one is good to you,
It doesn't necessarly mean they like you,
Don't be hasty to make good friends,
No one is indispensable, nothing is,
Once you understand this it'll be easier,
Easier when people don't want you anymore,
Or when you lose what or whom you love,
Life is too short, so don't waste it
One day you will find it leaving you,
The earlier you treasure life,
The better you'll enjoy it,
Love is a transient feeling,
Love does fade with time,
If loved ones leave you, be patient,
Time washes away aches and sadness,
Don't over exaggerate the sweetness of love,
Don't over exaggerate the sadness of falling out of love.
Many successful people don't have a good education,
But that doesn't mean to not study hard,
Knowledge can be weapon in life,
One can go from rags to riches,
But you have to start from rags,
I don't expect you to support me when I'm old,
No more than I would expect to support you,
My responsibility ended when you were grown,
After that you are the one to decide,
So decide to travel by bus or  limousine,
Rich or poor in wordly wealth,
I will always love you
Honour your words,
But don't expect others to do the same.
You can be good to people,
But don't expect people to be good to you,
 If you don't understand this,
You could end up with unnecessary troubles.
A person could buy lotteries for years,
And I never strike it rich,
If you want to be rich, work hard,
There is no free lunch,
No matter how much time it was,
 I treasure the time we had together,
Who knows, we could meet again
I watched you grow,
 I'm proud of how you turned out

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My Step Son

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