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A Man of Strength and Courage

(A Man Of Beauty And Respect)

A True Story


Who was he? He called himself the
unknown Poet, my great great great
grandmothers uncle Joe. He lived
a long exciting life, loving one woman
in time of war.

A Martin Trapper he was, an artist of fine
design, a poet in his time, a fine gentle
soul of the universe capturing each
thought writing them down in journals
and poetry.

If you should ask him what he believed
in! he would say; “I believed in God, sounds
of nature, love of mankind, love of words
anything to do with nature is where my
heart roams best.”

He was true to his own beliefs, a man
of heart, determination, a man who
would walk a mile in another man's shoes.
He was the heartbeat of the land, a
true mountain man of the wilderness.

He wore leather, long hair, beard
and a loving heart for all animals
including the bear. He grew with them
closer as he traveled the mountains
year after year doing his Martin trapping
for food. He was a God-fearing man of courage 
and strength all his own.

He was truly remarkable, who
fought with George Armstrong Custer
and the men of the 7th Cavalry where
they met their fate and the Sioux on June
25, 1886, at the Battle of the Little Big
Horn'. Uncle Joe was sent to get
reinforcements at the age of fifteen
when he returned, they found them all
mascaraed. Including (George Armstrong

Many of his journals, poetry and
sketches were burned in a trailer
fire, but to this day, still remember
at a young age trying to read his poetry
I do remember seeing some of his sketches
he had sketched with pencil by candlelight
in his cabin in the winter in the Canadian
The Rockies.

One sketch I remember well was of
a lovely lady dressed in a long gown
with hair piled high upon her head.
It was lovely.

That winter was long and cold and Joe
never returned home from his trapping
the Royal Mounted Police found him dead
next to the creek by his cabin. He died
of starvation.

This is just part of his story my great great
great grandmother told me of her uncle Joe. I
wish she would of told me more about his life.

I want to pass this on to my family so they can keep

passing it down from generation to generation.

By DerenaBree


By DerenaBree
© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)


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