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In ancient days, when elder races were well known;
When mankind knew this world was not theirs alone;
The elder races grew jealous as mankind spread;
"Let us bolster our numbers with their children", they said.

From bitter lessons they knew man was too numerous to fight;
So they stole into homes in the dark of night.
Stealing young babes and replacing them with illusions and charm;
Creations designed to cause confusion and harm.

Raising the stolen children among their own pagan kind;
Indoctrinating them as they warped and twisted their mind.
Weep bitter tears for the poor tortured souls
The babes seared by teachings harsh as hot coals.

Countless ages have past since that long ago day
When elder races sought man's evil to repay.
Yet perhaps in distant secluded places
Left untouched by man's tender "graces"

Some small remnant of elder races yet thrive;
And descendents of ancient changelings survive.

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