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broken mind

In a world where thoughts collide,
Lies a mind, once unified.
But the chaos took its toll,
Now a shattered, broken soul.

Once a symphony of clarity,
Now a web of disparity.
Fragments scattered, lost in time,
A disarrayed paradigm.

Memories trapped within the abyss,
Tangled threads of mental twist.
Darkened maze, a haunted place,
Where sanity starts to erase.

Whispers echo, voices fade,
In this broken mind's charade.
Lost in the depths of deep despair,
Searching for an escape, so rare.

In the broken mind's dim light,
Shadows dance, a ghostly sight.
Dreams and fears, a intertwine,
As sanity tries to redefine.Yet, hope persists amidst the strife,
A flicker in the darkest night.
A glimmer of light, a shining star,
Guiding the way, near or far.

Through the jigsaw puzzle of thoughts,
A healing journey slowly plots.
Mending fractures, one by one,
A battle fought, yet not yet won.

Fragile whispers of a tranquil breeze,
Bring solace to this broken ease.
A gradual mend, a step at a time,
Regaining what was thought to be in decline.

With resilience, the mind rebuilds,
Rediscovering strength that truly thrills.
A testament to the spirit inside,
A broken mind, no longer denied.

For in the depth of despair, we find,
A phoenix rising, redefined.
The broken mind now stands tall,
Transformed and ready to conquer all.

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