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I wanted fairytales and tea
The place that wake when dreams sleep
I wanted life to be fair weather at all times
But the truth was blaring BOLD in the face of hypocricy's lies
Not many  to be brave
Not many willing to have the guts
Or maybe they are simply trying to maintain sanity
in a world gone nuts
I wanted fairytales and tea
Like all the princesses have
in the land of Disney
and make believe
Yet the yoke is harnessed with responsibility
A mother's heart that can't stand watching the thieves
The only stigma of a visionary
Is to see well in advance of the ordinary
Moments, days, months, years ahead
If the eye be single all will become light
and revealed among the walking dead
To shatter illusions is not what I had planned
But to share love is all I had in hand
And though the pages bleed the warnings of the end of an age
The light also reveals an 8th day
when new beginnings would dawn again
The reign of tyranny, arrogance, ignorance
The sale and trade of man
Would not be the daily routine
But only LOVE would consistently and continually
REIGN supreme
I wanted fairytales and tea
It is the place I live beyond the shadowed reality
Yet this present darkness
Commands the truth to shine its hardest
Until the DAWN breaks forth
Into ever ever more ...

Oringinally Penned July 2, 2012

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