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"The Most Beautiful Sonnet"

For every day the dawning sun does rise.
Births jubilation there before Thine eyes.
Brightly colored rays nobly to shed light.
Accents wondrous flawlessness in plain sight.

Sparked myriads of seeds on which life's drawn.
Brash rivers bear oath heirs ‘tis tryst of dawn.
Sways and swirls a choreographic dance.
Ambient twirls perpetually by chance.

Flail on shores hence spawns of man and beast form.
Yea verily 'tis now yields earth's new norm.
Winding winds elope Ye fair leaves of trees.
Rolling thunder cede fealty unto thee.

Stark Vox barrage of resounding ardor.
Grasp our lore of adoring loves of yore.


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`The Most Beautiful Sonnet`