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Star Kissed Mist

Halo of the lighted mist 
Year's gather bringing winter's twist
His weak and weary frame pushes to the final mile
He sees the outline of his true love's smile

Stars close to reaching an enchanting mist in whispering speech
Words of war, words of peace, words that scholars teach
The whispers hold child's play, laughter on a rainy day
Forward he treads his life dangles by a thread
Yet, his agony is left unsaid

Nearing the horizon earth meets the skies
A soothing stillness dries his tearful eyes
Suddenly he is gone, no footprints, no fleeting sighs
His spirit mist defines the stars free from mortal scars

Gone suddenly as the mist disappeared, the vapor cleared 
A soft starlit night has captured him in homebound light

©Allseasonsverse July,3rd, 2019

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Star Kissed Mist