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"May I Love You In My Dreams"

May I love you in my dreams as I love you as you are,
As I loved you from distant past so many miles afar.
May I love the hands that touch me, an extension of your being,
As I love thy tender care of my life's constant overseeing.

May I love the arms that comfort and console me,
As they Wrap me in union once of I but now of “we”.
May I love the smell of your hair, your royal crown, and glory,
As In my dreams, it freely flows, and I never have to worry.

May I love your words you speak, on to each I gladly hang,
As in a hypnotic trance, to each abide again and again.
May I kiss your luscious lips, first the bottom than the top,
As in my dreams, I kiss you forever and never have to stop.

May I lay my head upon your breast, the left one is my best
As when I am tired and weary its' there I'm calmly at rest.
May I ride your curvy body as if I surf the open sea
As I welcome the all of you that you freely give unto me.

May I bathe in your waters, the rivers formed from thee,
As aye my bravado is restored by your endless energy,
May I take away your troubles, dread and sorrow,
As I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow

May you stay with me in the world of my mind
As I forge landscapes of exotically posh design.
May I love you in my inner hopes and dreams,
As I pray not my loves' extreme.

~~~~07-03-19 Written for a contest that was actually for a males' love poem to a woman. I wouldn't mind hearing these words. So there.. You have it!

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`May I Love You In My Dreams`