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Old Patriots Of AnotherAnother Kind

 Seawater seems to dissolve a stonewall
A solid fortress falls
In the beginning, it stood in defense like a fierce claw
A wall of mighty land, crossbows and swords had the upper hand

The ruins whispers with the tide of a kingdom's courage that lived and died
Back in a time when kingdoms flare, lived a king wise and fair
Queens and King stood side by side with love and pride
Warrior poets of old await their story to be told

Defenders of the coast, chilvary up held their ancestors ghost
Sail to the bridge of the past, where the echo of antiquity will last
The final battle the epic fight, slipping into the light
Days of grey, when nobility wrongs were made right

The reality was harsh and untamed, but freedom made a claim
In the remnant of long ago, lingering honors flow
A place left behind, a moral amongst the ruins...
For us to find, old patriots of another kind

©Allseasonsverse July, 4th, 2019

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Old Patriots of Another Kind