Tattoos in Mayberry

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Momma, you consigned my teddy bears
Auctioned my baseball cards
Sold my comic books
for a private bath and full bar extention
A lot to ask of me your son
for covering your rent. 
Momma, I  wish you no harm
Even a devil has their charm
How could I accuse the woman who bore me. 
the one I owe the most to..
Through blood who I'm betrothed to
May a lightening bolt strike my
pendulous, ponderous head
I'm a wandering Jew,
lost in the desert
without manna for bread. 
Momma, you've assured me
I'll be fine.
putting down your soft shoe
a spin with a twist 
on the grift
at the end of the line,
up at dawn for
prayer session with wafer and wine
It's your way to keep
the world at bay
as your oyster..

mother's method 
pays the fixer
to fix it today
and the businessman's fix
gets colder each day
til the most I can say is
How lucky I'd be one day
lounging on Park Avenue
inside your inner circle of  command.
as your number one man
of means.
a spectacular money raking machine.
greased and reinforced
by those possessing
the right type of Royal Jelly ,
What else could be said 
than what my daddy
whispered to me
on his death bed
it's best call a spade a spade'
and say momma
one day  they'll name a 
swanky ship
christened  in your  name
and they'll call it what it  really is.
'The Twenty First Century Pip'.

When we were kids
you went running back to high school
to do it right this time
as a blushing coquette
how could our lives 
flourish and continue to grow
with mom and her western grip 
swinging a broken tennis racket.
What else could we do 
but fight a crazed war of attrition,
with our superstar mother flailing
out of commission..
Who am too pass judement
all's forgiven
But, can you blame me for hoping for  better.
guess, I'll settle
for what that I get

From you I get an invoice
demanding payment in full
for services rendered . 
and payment's past due.
you've ground me to dust
What can be done
 you must,have your way

at a price I'm no longer willing to pay
.Daddy may have been right,
. having once told me
a fella will do what comes natural 
 though,don't let any woman get too tight a grip
on your sack or your money
especially a twenty first century pip..

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Twenty First Century Pip