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Splintered love

When the going gets tough,

An’ times get hard, you turn

Your back to avoid a lot, of

Stuff you’d rather not have

Heard, from a mouth that’s

Gone from bad to worse.


This is not the love that once

There was, this is somethin’

Else an’ it’s gotta stop, it’s

Gotta stop an’ I mean now,

fore the hurt gets worse an’

The knives come out.


What was it turned a head

That once, had smiling eyes

Awash with love? A love so

Firm, so passion led, what

Storm, what fever, snapped

The thread?


When cold winds blow come

Climes disturbed, a house in

Turmoil love converts, to nights

Of anger, blame and more, a

Splintered mess where once a



Where anger rules and wills

Conflict, no peace on earth,

No time to think, no time to

Take the time to rest, when

Looks could kill and homes

Are wrecked.


What altar sees what’s yet

To come, dearly beloved, oh,

Please come, come, not always

So, I’m glad to say, but life

Is long and fortunes fray.


Then comes the day no one

Foresaw, a wandering eye,

She’s his for sure, a moment

Let’s say opportune, the die

is cast, the marriage doomed.


A day or so perhaps a week,

A change in tone when no

One speaks, it’s in the air,

It’s there to feel, another

Silent tortured meal.


No need for questions, plain

As day , the tension builds,

The bed is made, ‘go sleep in

It’, ‘your bags are packed’,

Well, yes I will, I won’t be



A fist in anger, thrown in

Haste, not a door this time but

A tearful face, pans are flying,

Kids awake, a siren screams,

Help’s on its way ...


© Joseph G Dawson

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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