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Blue Sapphire Dream

Dreams may light the heart that glows as precious gems
Sapphire seas, and gold dust breeze light the earth as well
With a tinge of ruby hue essence of serenity shines through
Songs of angels sing to the few

 Darkeast hour before the dawn, peace drifts with high
To hold the beauty before its gone
Dancing waters of the soul has found horizon of heavens goal
The land and sea has set the sapphire blue flame free

When silence embrace the hope of sleep divine
Ebbing tides of sorrows soon decline
Awake to see the richness of visions that pass
Crown jewels of summers looking glass

Life is seeping from its seams
The kiss of sapphires dreams lifted to a glean

©Allseasonsverse July, 5th, 2019

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Blue Sapphire Dream