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After the Storm
In a moment of silence, I began to relax my thoughts laid to rest.
Some days will put the spirit to the test.
Under the storm, a song so very warm
Angels soft refrain whispered in the rain
It is a common bond we share that leads us with care.
The storm splintered aftermath has covered the beaten path.
Many homes destroyed, many lives are gone, when the reckless wind moved on.
In this world of sunless day, dark skies of grey, the broken shattered town
Wears a painful frown. 
Mother Nature had the final say and she made us witness her reckless way.
Does the shadow of her tears flow like rivers of forsaken years?
No time to dwell on guessing games Mother Nature will remain the same.
The sunfilled skies will return and soothe the heart that yearns.
Take notice to live's twist and turns, we learn to bend and help rebuild our world
and treat it as a friend.
After the storm, her reckless way will end.
Carried by the song under the storm
The returning sun begins to warm

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After the Storm