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Wonder! Where art thou, when the earth was
free with bliss, where were you when each
breath was taken in ease?
I have always been with you!
Where was the freshness that blew with the wind
that sang it's songs of beauty, was it only in each
shadow hid after the breeze?
I have always been with you!
Was the fear to strong to keep going? Where did
the silence go when the hawk flew by without
notice was it just the tears that changed each
thought to disaster?
No! it was the faith that disappeared among
the mist of understanding!
Was it in another time or place when all was at
peace, where love only existed after time had run
out, or was it only a whisper, a heartbeat that
made it bearable?
No! It was those who loved enough to shine
above the depth of evil!
A soft touch of a maiden's hand may have started
an echo heard around each bend, who knows!
it may have been loves first kiss, that made
awareness sweet with promise.
We know it was not an illusion and
the surprise of fate, that turned the face of
time, maybe just an act of uncertain kindness
that made the light within shine
a little brighter.
It was the love, the faith, the hope that
cometh unto the restless souls.
"Always do unto others, as you would wish
they would do unto you; Saith, the Lord."
By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)

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