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Brianís Cry

Brian's Cry
Brain had reached his limit; he could no longer take it
His problem had the best of him and he could no longer fake it
He suffered from a disease his mind was all but gone
One thing that he knew is he couldn't fight it on his own
He had heard about a God who could do anything
So he ran to this God with all he had to bring
He stayed close to His house as much as he could
And bonded with His people to inspire him for good
Joining in different ministries, bible studies and groups
Believing with all his heart this God could bring him through
This was Brian's cry for help, this was his desperate plea
This was Brian's way of asking to be free
He cried to God in prayer each night to heal this disease
Then asking pastors, mentors and friends way won't God heal me
He tried his best to stay in faith and resist the voice of doom
Believing blindly that this God would heal him soon
He listened for the Holy Spirit but that's not the voice he heard
He ask God for direction but he answered not a word
The only voice that spoke to him was the one of great despair
ďYour God doesn't hear your cry, He doesn't even careĒ
Brian cried out all the more for God to intervene
Encouraged by testimonies of miracles others had seen
He filled his mind with scripture and words of encouragement
And surrounded himself with people he believed was heaven sent
But when alone at home at night the voice of doom did call
He thought if he stood on the God's word he couldn't fall
But the battle became too much for Brian, he felt he fought alone
The God he felt so strong at church didn't help him at home
Oh how devastating it must have been to feel rejected even by God
That every prayer and supplication was trampled on like sod
I will never understand why poor Brian had to die
And why an all merciful God wouldn't answer Brian's cry
Or did He?
J. Moore

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Brian`s Cry