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Be Whom You Are

Dress in love, being who
you are, not another's fool

in games of chance.

Waking up before your time
may never make you wise, will
only bring you doubt, fearing
darkness before your time.

Dream with all your heart
never leaving angels warmth 
behind, while you sleep peacefully
in majestic glory.

At times we wonder why 
rain must wash away
dust upon the rose, watching
droplets falling to the ground
shining like diamonds.

Miracles always happen if we
believe it or not, we shall always
be who we were meant to be.

No reason to hang our heads
it will never change the way we

God made us all miracles!
We are his children.

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)

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Be whom You Are



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