When hell hounds come

When dark clouds threaten the light of day;
When hunting hounds begin to bay;
When evening shadows seem to crawl;
When darkness deepens and floods your hall.

When you have the prickling sense of being watched
When your place in Death's book is notched;
Then draw your pentagram and spread circle of salt;
Then best be certain you scribe without fault.

When contract with demons time is through,
And hell hounds come to collect their due;
Neither pleading nor prayer will avail you now;
You bargained your soul, it matters not how.

You forfeited all help from heavenly power;
So who can aid you in this darkling hour?
Torture unending is your eternal fate;
You realize your error far too late.

So scream or cry, fight, hide or run;
There is no escape from the dread one.
Eternity you bargained away for carnal pleasure;
Now reap God's wrath in fullest measure.

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When hell hounds come