Understanding Heart

Understanding Heart

Each ray of light shines in each heart, beating to be
a living ember among the wilderness shinning among
the thirsty trees, they hang their heads in hope for
tears to fall from heaven.

Ever find a sand dollar? If you check it well, it tells
you of the sea, it reads a story for you beneath
the turquoise waters of the unknown.

Mystery! oh such mystery before us stands
a world of rays of nature, beauty to deep to
take in, no one can take in all beauty living
around us and within our own souls.

Ever stand on top of a mountain with so much depth
you cannot appreciate the true meaning of life?
If we search deep enough, we will find what's beyond
any comparison imaginable.

Come! walk this world of beauty, once you have done so
there will never be a day that passes, you'll take life for
granted again.

Your picture show starts each time you go outside
never the same flower, the same wind blowing through
the treetops, always a new day, always fresh, never
the same shadows, dancing under the moonlight
all is a different picture show.

Sing, find the meaning of your yearnings 
they are made from dreams, goals, love,
compassion, knowledge, understanding, hold
on to each emotion you feel, this is life, this is
you for all eternity, your true destiny.

Understand your heart, it is part of love that
surpasses the mind, it controls each emotion,
it tells the story of how and why you were born
your soul is the light that lives forever.


(Find yourself, you find the source of life)


By DerenaBree
© 2018 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)


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Understanding Heart