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Treasure Box

Open up the box of treasures, what do you find! what
do you see among your treasures! I know by now
the box can hardly close, it's too full of wonders
of this world and yours.

Collect these riches, they will be with you all the
days of your life, you may not realize what a
treasure box you have, it did not cost a cent,
my friend.

Your treasure box started when you were born,
each and every day something is put in it,
all your thoughts, your good deeds, each
one you made smile awhile, each of
these are treasures...

The treasure that comes from the heart, they
are priceless, no cost to you, just what
you give goes in that box of treasures,
and as your seasons pass, your box
of treasures begin to overflow.

If you don't give of yourself to another,
when it's your time to go home, your
golden treasure box may not be weighed,
it depends on what we have done to fill
our treasure box.


Swing To The Music

Swing to the music, we will dance till dawns early
light, you'll show me steps I never knew, I'll show
you something I am sure you never knew, we
shall dance a dance, that shall never be forgotten
till the end of time.

Tonight is the night I shall kneel down, give
you a ring, and ask you to be my bride, I
love you more every time I see you, I need
to make you my wife sweetheart.

So tonight will be a night we shall never
forget, if you agree to be my bride, each
star will sparkle brighter, just like your
eyes my love, you're my lovely flower
flower of passion I shall call you.

This rose I give you is for my love so
deep, the rose so perfectly like you are
my love, my beauty, my lovely, you
make me jump over the moon like
the cow did once upon a time.

You see, nothing is impossible when
you're in love, there isn't a thing you
can 't do, you believe so much in
yourself and your deep love, it makes
you do anything even jumping over
the moon.

So tonight under the moon so bright
and full, I shall kneel and ask you
to be my loving wife till death do
us part.


Four Seasons Of Life

Spring, warm and wonderful years,
memories of greatest wonder,
touched so tenderly by the heart.

Summer, flowing graciously by
catching each ray of light, tucking
it away, for a cloudy day.

Autumn, colors surrounding each
corner with laughter, so warm
loving and never forgotten.

Winter, a time of never-ending
beauty, building bridges, watching
many falls, building another, this
time, wisdom and understanding
is the foundation.

Collect those seasons, store
them away, they shall never
be lived again, time to be going


Dancing Free
When freedom rings within the heart
we may not be of mother earth, yet
we must walk among free spirits
making us complete among misty

Don't sit around feeling you've lost out
you haven't, you're the one who chose
to stay, safe and warm away from
harm, only prison your in, is your
doubts and fear you carry deep.

We may be in our own prison of mind
but we own our heart making our mark
within the barriers of this dimensional

Chains must be unlocked if true
happiness will be found, or if
the key has been thrown away
we may not care to find another
way to fly away.

Maybe thoughts of freedom
have given you another look, at how
really lonely your life would be without
the way of life you have lived for

Maybe it is too late to spread those
wings, or maybe they have been
tied to tightly to really want them to
be untied.

Oh yes, we are all prisoners, mostly
to our own emotions, if we turned
them off, we would not be imprisoned
in bars that can never be seen only
in your own lonely hearts.

After years of being alone, one seems
to greet it with open arms not really
caring if it's solitude you live decided to
live, walk, think, being content deep within
your beautiful world you have created for
yourself, your new journey.

Dreams cannot come true if they really
aren't dreams, only the dreams wanted
bad enough are the ones that become
a true reality, sometimes freedom is that
prison one puts themselves in.

Spice of life really is your desires, your
secret wantings, no one knows about
only you, most everyone passes on with
these secret thoughts never releasing
the to no one. We all have a little space
only we enter.

A shame that dreams dreamt so many
years must just die blowing away gloriously
in the garden of dreams, flowering peacefully
in wonderment.

Be free and wild and keep dancing till you could
dance no more..

(Capture each dream and lock it in your soul.


Touch A Heart

Touch a heart, with your smile
light a path, when darkness
seems too dense, be an angel
to someone who needs
love for just a while.

Be a friend, listen, you
can hear the voice of God
he has given you a gift
you know what it is
no need to wear a

Write your poems,
sing your songs, let
your echos heard from
afar, like thunder in a
middle of a sunny day.


Lady Of The Lake

This Lady of the lake shall flow
across your mind in silence
she shall whisper in her voice
of peace how much she loves
her man so far away.

She shall come in the night
in all her glory and nestle
next to him while he sleeps
she shall always be near
never seeing, only feeling
his essence.

She shall kiss him oh so tenderly
as the breeze passes by, she
shall never leave his side, she
loves her man who lives so
far across the sea.

There love is strong, so very
strong, they yearn to be in
each other arms, a sea of
wonder and magic keeps
them so far apart.

This Lady of the lake
in all her mystic glory
shall never leave her man
she loves, he is the food
that makes her all woman,
his woman that lives so very
far away. (Lady of the Lake)




Emotions burn deep, catching a glance
of inner fire, savage fire burning without
release, pain, only pain..

Welded-in spirit the demon force rages
forward, like a vessel tossed in the sea
flames burn, no ultimate healer.

Denial thick all around, comfort so very
seductive, it's easy to feel loves burning
desires, savage fire burns deeper..

Illusions die hard when love disappears
without a warning sign, truth should be
everyone's friend when it comes down
to love, go away false Illusion.

Dreams reinforced, collecting thoughts
from only yesterday, perfect love is gone
bad in a second of time, a savage fire
burns never shall burn out, it's useless
to pretend all never happened.

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)


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