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Belinda's Fate

A soft spring meadow was swaying in the breeze, wildflowers danced around the trees.
A young maiden rests her weary head, and dreams of legends began to stream.
A Dream of Unicorns and Pegasus wings, that galloped in the air.
A graceful sight that enticed her stare.
Belinda was her name, she knew that Dreamland made a claim.
She slipped deeper to an enchanting land while Prince Charming kissed her silk gloved hand.
Once upon a dream where wishes came true.
A fair Maiden soared on Pegasus wings in the soft deep blue.
The Kingdom of fantasy was a Kingdom of long past, the dream came to an end so suddenly and fast.
Belinda opens her eyes expecting the Meadows cheer, but there stood tall skyscrapers and concrete roads everywhere.
No dragonflies or Lilly pads miles of a concrete metropolis as far as her eyes could see, not one flower or tree.
Hundreds of years in the future where natural land is gone, she awoke to manmade toil smothering rich fertile soil.
This time Belinda closed her eyes with tears of great goodbyes and finds her Prince and Pegasus quietly waiting 
In dreamland nigh.
She releases her final sigh.
Can we learn from fairy tales? Can we see the writing on the wall? It will take more than dreams or magic to save this
This world from its fall.   So perhaps the Good Earth knows of enchanted dreams and worth. 
It is not too late we cannot wake to Belinda's fate.

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Belinda`s Fate