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Nothing Forever Last


Nothing last forever upon this restless
earth, made of illusion created by
each our own imaginations, disappearing 
on command! assigned thoughts leave like a wink
of an eye, by a simple dream no longer

The things you don't care about
last forever, they have a way of
fervently staying around irritating
never leaving.

Thinking positive is the best of
medicine, causing no confusion, no
thoughts of anger, no dangerous
illusions, focusing on the mind of 

Much we have lost, won, believed in
are broken without ambition, seeming
to have disappeared, in our own thoughts
and imaginations.

Everything we ever had, loved, appears
to have floated away, with sacrifice, achieving
a few impossible dreams disappearing within
a second glance which could of accomplishing 
this task connected to our intellect and knowledge.

We take bad with the good sometimes hurting
someone we love, lost, like a quick snap of
of the finger, leaving those dead leaves of
autumn fading away with time.

The rose is always beautiful
when it first opens, but after
the petals start to fall, it is
throw away, this is the way
life is, you live it when it is
beautiful, taking everything
for granted till one day, all that
you loved, just turn away, from
your torn thoughts leaving
all familiar surroundings and dreams
behind without a single regret
of who really cared.

Breathe in the sweetness,
live to the fullest, you'll find
that the most important things
never disappear, only hide
away till there ready to be

By DerenaBree

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)



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