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Behold the hand of the Lord,
It cannot shorten to be saved;
Ears are dull and have ignored,
And cannot hear the enslaved.
But iniquities have made,
You as separate from God;
Since your sins make you afraid,
You do not honor and laud.
Your sins have hidden His face,
From you that He does not hear;
You’re defiled in disgrace,
Because you do not revere.
Bloody fingers filled with sin,
As your lips have spoken lies;
Wickedness muttered within,
Body infested with flies.
No one enters suit justly,
Nor goes to law honestly;
Only empty pleas lusty,
Thoughts of mischief robustly.
Their lips hatch cockatrice eggs,
Weaving the web of spiders;
Like a dirty dog that begs,
Entrapping any outsiders.
Their webs serve not as clothing,
Men will cover themselves not;
Trying to lure what they bring,
For the victims they have sought.
Their works are iniquity,
Violent deeds in their hands;
The wicked ability,
From Satan that he commands.
Their feet running to evil,
They are swift for shedding blood;
Of what would please the devil,
To drive the just through the mud.
Their thoughts are thoughts of the dark,
Nakedness and destruction;
Letting evil to embark,
With life through seduction.
The way to peace they know not,
With no justice in their path;
The crooked road they have fraught.
Judgment from God will bring wrath.

Copyright © 2019 Richard Newton Sherrer

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