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Last Breath

She was broken it would be her last time to look upon his face
In the howling wind, her tears have found a place.
Year's of dedication to her chief, a dying man that brings her grief
She stays by his side and gives him care, his pain knows no relief

On his land, he gave his strength and love
Now his ancestors come from above
It is time for him to return to dust
In the heart of the land he trusts

A bloodline of his life will carry on
A trail of tears when freedom has gone
On Eagles wing, he drifts upon his final breath
He sleeps the dream, of death

Mother earth embraces him now
Among his people as they show
The spirits of the land will grow
The Chief of the Cherokee will know

Rest in peace the war did cease
A warrior's just release
The rain dance brings tears
Haunting injustice endured for years

His spirit is free, eternal Chief of the Cherokee

©Allseasonsverse July 20th, 2019

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Last Breath