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The Inner String

some days I feel
I'm all wrong
my past
my decisions
my perspectives
my slant
my thinking

these are the days
when the pain grips
with jaws of steel
I'm an animal
caught in my traps

of the sun
of the promise
of the progress
that yesterday
was in front of me
within my grasp

feelings change
they pass
dust blown about in the wind
that sometimes settles in
bot often moves on to a new destination

I pull the inner string
which ties to my breath
and anchors me
I am not the pain
I have to fight this
lift the steel jaws
begin again
and again.

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time/date stamped 7/20/2019 1:34PM PST and also for this
writer/poet/author Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title:

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