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JULY 2019


When the waves arise - the boats can float again - 
When the waters rise - I too can sail again - I can be 
Lifted from the sandbanks of my lonely wilderness - and 
Feel the lapping of the cleansing water's flow - for so 
Is the awakening love of Jesus - by His Spirit - 
To my parched and stranded soul .

How many souls are locked in prisons - that hide
Them from the sun and the warmth of its rising glory -
How many feel stranded on a barren shore - only to wake 
Each morning and find themselves still there - locked in the
Same depressing story - until - for those who fear His name -
the Son of glory rises - with healing in His wings - and
the promise of a New life - of Hope and Faith -
and Love begins .

Thank God - for the LORD of Glory - who rose up 
From the grave and that tormenting tree - and now 
Lives in His Glorious Kingdom - waiting to greet both 
You and me - O what joy the day of our arrival - and for
All who have answered to His call - when we will hear Him 
Say - Welcome My child - the banquet is prepared - so
Receive - enjoy - and eat 'til you are full - for you are 
Safe forever from the sorrows and the anguish of
The past - as the price of your redemption
Has been paid in full - and you are 
Safely Home at last . 


Lately my mind has been steering towards Heaven and that
place of safety and rest . .... and my hearts desire is to share 
that with others . I don't know how many people read my words, 
or where they may come from , but I pray that somehow I will 
have portrayed a little of what is in store for those who believe 
in the Risen Lord Jesus and His Redeeming power for all
mankind .

God bless you all with His love and peace .

Stella Mitchell x


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